The first "postpartum rehabilitation club" -- Give every mother a medical-grade postpartum recovery
                  On August 25, 2018, the opening ceremony of the first "postpartum rehabilitation club" in Quanzhou was held in Macare women’s hospital. An idea that has just been realized in China but has been fully developed in developed countries was awakened here.

                  Cooperative Institution
                  中國非公立醫院產科麻醉與無痛分娩培訓基地Chinese non-public hospital obstetric
                  anesthesia & labor analgesia training base

                  倡導多學科協作 全方位系統康復


                  Advocate multidisciplinary cooperation and all-round systematic rehabilitation

                  With the development of modern medicine, the requirements for postpartum rehabilitation are higher and higher.Postpartum recovery is not the same as confinement in childbirth.Macare "postpartum rehabilitation club" aims to promote the functional rehabilitation of postpartum women and improve their quality of life, advocates multi-disciplinary collaboration (MDT) in sports medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, psychology, etc. to carry out an all-round postpartum rehabilitation with more rigorous, more active and more scientific, effectively help women improve the quality of postpartum life from inside to outside, restore the slim and graceful figure, and make mothers stay young forever!

                  The only difference between you and
                  yummy mummy is a 'medical-grade postpartum rehabilitation'


                  In Macare, the comprehensive care of the professional medical team will meet your postpartum health, psychological and physical needs. Gynecologists, pediatricians, rehabilitation doctors, rehabilitation therapists, dietitians, nurses, pediatric nurses, psychologists,fitness instructors,etc.You are not alone!

                  Let every mother who pampers herself enjoy
                  the professional quality of Macare


                  From the very first day you gave birth to your baby, we will guide you professionally from all aspects such as daily routine, diet, exercise, psychology and so on. The professional service is inseparable from the professional team. Macare relies on the strong support of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, following the international postpartum rehabilitation standards, advocating the mode of multi-disciplinary collaboration (MDT), providing customers with a unique "medical grade" post-natal rehabilitation experience.By replacing the maternity matron with the doctors and nurses from the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Grade ⅢA hospitals, and provided the professional clinical rehabilitation guidance for the puerperae.



                  Senior obstetrician and gynaecologist,pediatricians regularly make the rounds of the wards,and the experienced nurses are on call 24 hours a day to care for maternal and child health,observe and record the physical signs of the mother and the baby's growth and development every day.Carrying out the professional care like breast massage for the postpartum new mother.Routine monitoring of the common problems like red buttock,eczema,fever,abdominal distention and diarrhea in newborns and take the right care measures.

                  Provide professional swimming,massage and various early training exercises for the babies,guide the new mothers and their families to learn proper neonatal care and feeding methods.

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